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Sunday, February 28, 2016

"Lazy Wake - 2016"

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The TraveloTherapy Series takes a short break…
“Lazy Wake - 2016” is a 99 minutes long video diary that takes you aboard a jumpy power boat around Marathon, Florida.
After the long paddling days in the cold rain of the Glacier Bay National Park, in Alaska, the “Two Nomads” (Doi Nomazi) gave in to the temptation of a lazy wake in the sunny Florida Keys.
M., one of the two nomads, learned to maneuver a power boat and became the fearless Captain M. Seasick… :)
VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: This video contains more power boat images than any power boat enthusiast can tolerate... smile emoticon View at your own risk!


from Doi Nomazi (TraveloTherapy) on Vimeo.

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