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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Melting Whispers - 2015

"Melting Whispers - 2015" is a 163 minute long video diary filmed with consumer grade equipment during our paddling journey on the East Arm of Glacier Bay, Alaska.

Seduced by the powerful descriptions of John Muir and Rev. Samuel Hall Young, we tried to follow the echoes of their 1879 journey to Glacier Bay.

We never seek to establish any records, conquer peaks, or blaze new paths. We are just two, mostly sedentary, urban dwellers who enjoy the magic beauty and the untamed freedom offered by the wilderness.

We also love movies. We love watching movies and we have fun playing with cameras and editing.

This video diary takes you aboard the Easy Rider Beluga tandem kayak and allows you to experience some visual and emotional details of our journey. We hope that our video diary will inspire you to fall in love with nature and embrace your own outdoors adventure.


from Doi Nomazi (TraveloTherapy) on Vimeo.

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